Case study

Systems integration for STM Integrity Hub

As a leading systems integrator in STM Publishing, we connect publishers to shared open infrastructure, implement simple workflows and improve interoperability of systems. Our work for the STM Integrity Hub is a good example of that.

About the STM Integrity Hub

STM is the leading global trade association for academic and professional publishers, with 145 members in 21 countries. The STM Integrity Hub was founded by STM members committed to research integrity. Its architecture is designed to evolve and grow as new data, standards, and resources, consistent with applicable laws, data privacy, and competition law, are added.

As the enabling infrastructure, the Hub covers:

  • Technology and screening infrastructure.
  • The secure, protected environment that protects data privacy and is consistent with competition laws.
  • Policies + frameworks.
  • A modular platform to safeguard research integrity for all connected STM members.

  • When

    2022 - 2024

  • Client Name

    STM Solutions

The role of Appetence

Appetence's role in realising the STM Integrity Hub is primarily to manage ELITEX's dedicated development team, as described here. Even during realisation, it became clear that this project was more of a systems integration project than pure software development. During the further roll-out, this became clearer and with it, Appetence's role as a systems integrator increased.

The STM Integrity Hub is primarily an enabling infrastructure that integrates tools & signals. With a growing number of tools, also delivered externally, this is quite a challenge to organise the integration from the Hub and keep it stable.

Secondary, but just as important, is the integration of publishers towards the Hub API. This works with so-called connectors that are custom-configured per publisher. These connectors include generic components such as standard integrations with Editorial Manager, ScholarOne, Manuscript Manager, E-Journal Press, but also custom integrations with publishers that have their own submission and/or editorial system. Moreover, within the connector there is room for some customisation per publisher. With a strongly increasing number of publishers wanting to connect to the STM Integrity Hub, this is technically, but also certainly project-wise, a challenge and important role for Appetence.

Finally, a new challenge is forming. The integrations with the editorial systems are initially one-way, i.e. data goes from the submission system to the STM Integrity Hub. Increasingly, however, signal notifications must also be returned to the editorial system to show notification of, for instance, a duplicate submission or a suspect papermill. They become fully functional two-way integrations with potentially custom workflows per publisher.

Appetence as systems integrator

We untangle and integrate complex systems and workflows. As a leading strategic technology services partner, we are highly experienced and have in-depth expertise in unravelling complexities, breaking silos, and improve interoperability of systems.

This is certainly a role we feel comfortable with in context of the STM Integrity Hub.